My Vanlife Blog

Hi, I’m Holly. Together with my partner Mike we are creating a van home from scratch. We have had help along the way and will be updating our travel blog once we leave.

Holly and Mike Vanlife EU Trip

Essentials for van life

We have been in the van a while now, so I wanted to compile a list of our favourite van life essentials and cool things for vans which have made life easier.

Mike and Holly’s Road Trip

This is the main blog that we will share our adventures on so friends and family can be kept up to date with our whereabouts during our year long road trip.

Our Favourite Van Conversion Features

We are thrilled to announce that our van conversion is now complete and we are living in it full time. We would like to share some of our favourite bits with you.

The DIY Vanlife Adventure

Holly and Mike start their diy van conversion in Suffolk. Follow their journey here.

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