Our Favourite Van Conversion Features

We are thrilled to announce that our van conversion is now complete. We would like to share some of our favourite bits with you. If you want to see our full conversion blog then you can read it, here, or keep up to date on the latest on Instagram, here. Any questions please feel free to get in touch.

Favourite bits in the kitchen

Creating an L-shape kitchen has made the most out of our living space. There isn’t a single dead space in the van, everything has it’s place. We did end up with some random holes, but they have proved useful.

Favourite Kitchen Bits

The combi oven, grill and hob is amazing, useful and looks pretty smart. I wasn’t sure we needed it, initially we planned to just have a hob, but I am so pleased we went full hog!

Having the additional shelf wasn’t 100% necessary, however it breaks up the cladding and means we can easily get to the every day basics, plus means we get the additional LED lighting which we’re really happy with.

Favourite bits in the Bedroom

In the bed area we went for a selection of lighting including overhead and reading lights. It is so useful having both depending on whether reading in bed or getting clothes out of the cupboard area.

Favourite Bedroom Bits

The clothes cupboard turned out quite well. Still not sure if we are 100% finished with it yet, but it is the right size for all our clothes and accessories. If anything we could have made it 10cm smaller.

Having a small, black out window next to the head of the bed also was a really useful move. We wanted to keep the windows to a minimum as we knew they would condensate but without it feeling too dark, but this little vent window works perfectly.

Favourite Bedroom Bits

Favourite bits in the Garage

We love having a shower, but as it is winter in the UK we are not using it. As soon as we are allowed to travel and it is safe to, we will be heading to Europe we will and this is where this will come in very handy.

We had extra LED light from the kitchen and it has gone into the garage which is probably the most useful lighting in the whole van!

Favourite Garage Bits

Overall, we are so excited to have finished the van, but also of course sad that we cannot travel as the UK is on lockdown. We cannot wait to get our hiking into the mountains in the Pyrenees or swimming in one of the cold lakes in the Alps. We, like everyone else, will just have to wait.

Please feel free to get in touch if you want to chat, or are on the road, or if your travel plans have also been put on hold. Would be good to see who else is in the same boat and what you are doing in the meantime! Contact us here.

To view the full van conversion blog, visit here.

To view the recycled parts in the conversion blog, visit here.

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