Through the Trees Podcast

Hi, I’m Holly, I’m from Suffolk and have always had a love for the outdoors and the wildlife that inhabits it. I have been filming walks for the last 7 years and now am turning my attentions to other passions I want to develop hence starting this podcast. During this series I will be talking to outdoor advocates, wildlife enthusiasts and forest school specialists about how Nature has impacted their lives and their individual passions. I hope you enjoy. 

I’ve entered the Rode Cast Competition!

I have entered this podcast into the Rode Mic Cast competition 2021. For this I entered a two minute introduction to a tree species. Voting and entries have now closed so all we have to do is cross our fingers!

Episode 1 – A Chat With Cain Scrimgeour

Today I am talking to Cain Scrimgeour, Naturalist and Wildlife filmmaker about the importance of nature documentaries and why the Kittiwakes in North Shields need protecting. I hope you enjoy this episode and thanks for tuning in.

The book Cain mentions is: English Pastoral by James Rebanks.

Check out Cain’s Instagram page here.

Episode 2 – A Chat With Debbie North

This conversation is with outdoor advocate Debbie North. We talk about the importance of access to green spaces for everyone, walking in her all terrain wheelchair in the Yorkshire Dales, which isn’t actually in Yorkshire and how nature has impacted her life.  To get in contact with Debs you can find her on Instagram here. Enjoy.

The book Debbie mentions is: The Dales 30: A Guide to the Mountains of the Yorkshire and Cumbrian Dales by Jonathan Smith.

Check out Debbie’s Instagram page here.

Episode 3 – A Chat With Chris Gilbert

Today I am talking to Chris Gilbert, Wildlife Conservation Enthusiast and Animal Management Teacher about how snakes are often mis-represented and why they are an important species to ecosystems throughout the world. I hope you enjoy this episode and thanks for tuning in.

The book Chris mentions is: Snakes of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East: A Photographic Guide by Philippe Geniez.

Check out Chris’s Instagram page here.

Episode 4 – A Chat With Mell Harrison

In this episode of Through the Trees I am talking to Mell Harrison about the theories of Earth Education, our connection with Nature and the importance of Forest Schools. I hope you enjoy this episode and thanks for tuning in.

You can find the books Mell mentions here: ‘Forest School in Practice For All Ages’ by Sara Knight

Her two websites she mentions are: and

Episode 5 – A Chat With Katie Rees

Today I am talking to Katie Rees about how being outdoors in green spaces is good for our wellbeing, why connecting with nature at all ages is important and about the art of coppicing.

The authors Katie mentions are Thich nhat hanh and Jon Kabat Zinn.

You can find Kindle Woods here:

Instagram @kindlewoods_cic Website – kindlewoods

Episode 6 – A Chat With Dean Kirkland

Today I am talking to The Woodland Trust’s Ancient Woodland Restoration Project Manager Dean Kirkland about what makes a healthy woodland, the importance of hedgerows and how to spot ash dieback.

The book Dean mentions is Ancient Woodlands by Oliver Rackham.

You can find the Woodland Trust here:

Instagram & Website

Episode 7 – A Chat With Susan Jones

Today I am talking to Susan Jones about why ringing birds is important, what we can all do in our gardens to help wildlife and the best place for Barn Owl boxes.I hope you enjoy this episode and thanks for tuning in.

The book Susan mentions is The Barn Owl by Colin R. Shawyer.

Find out more on the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary website here.

Episode 8 – A Chat With Mike Toms

Today I am talking to Mike Toms from the British Trust for Ornithology about the their weekly Garden BirdWatch project, the changing bird populations and the amazing alternative wilding work at Knepp in Sussex.

The book Mike talks about is the Collins Bird Guide: The Most Complete Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe

Visit the British Trust for Ornithology website here.


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