My Environment Blogs

Hi, I’m Holly. I am passionate about sharing my stories in all forms whether it is a blog or video. I have a deep connection to the planet and being as environmentally conscious as I can be. I do not label myself however I hope you enjoy these blogs which I have written over the last few years.

Mount Fuji

Attenborough’s Volcanoes

I am no expert on volcanoes in the slightest but I wanted to share some of the most recent eruptions with you which are fascinating.

What is a Chordate?

An introduction to the 5 main characteristics which put all the species within the Chordata phylum.

What is soil?

There are many elements that contribute to the formation of soil here we go into it all.

What is Flora?

What is flora? Here are descriptions on different types including trees, angiosperms, gymnosperms, lower plants, mosses and ferns!

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