Visit Croatia – Vanlife Diary 1

Croatia – 1st Entry from Montenegro We first entered Croatia on the 1st June from Montenegro. We went to join some friends we made in Albania on the Prevlaka Peninsula, which is an old abandoned military base which overlooks Montenegro. The border crossing went smoothly, they only asked for passports not the v5c or theContinue reading “Visit Croatia – Vanlife Diary 1”

Seven Lakes Walk in Rila National Park, Bulgaria

Seven Lakes Rila National Park

Our favourite road trip must-see locations in Europe and the Balkans

In no particular order there are our favourite places we have visited whilst exploring Europe in our campervan conversion.

Hiking in Bosnia

A land of beautiful, yet somewhat inaccessible mountains. I initially thought that hiking in Bosnia and Herzegovina was dangerous, but have found out that the areas which still have land mines are well marked with a red skull and crossbones. If you see any other red marking on the route (flags, sticks or general makeContinue reading “Hiking in Bosnia”

A short visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina in our campervan

A short visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina in our campervan. Hiking in Blidinje Nature Park, meeting friendly locals and a ‘your van will not restart message’.

Best apps for van life

I have compiled a list of the best vanlife apps for Europe which we use on a day-to-day basis. They include overnight parking apps and where to find the best free camping spots.

Adopting a stray dog in Albania

There are many views on bringing dogs from other countries back into the UK, but that’s another conversation. It is estimated there are up to 40,000 abandoned dogs in the UK alone, due to the impact of Covid-19. The UK charity Dogs Trust sees an increase in our four legged friends needing to be rehomedContinue reading “Adopting a stray dog in Albania”