Our favourite road trip must-see locations in Europe and the Balkans

In no particular order here are our favourite places we have visited whilst exploring Europe and the Balkans in our campervan conversion, so far. (We are only half way through out trip!)

1. Gjirokaster in Albania

This was our first stop in Albania coming in from Greece. We had no issues at the border, they checked the back and saw it was just a camper. We stopped to get a Vodafone sim card and had the best moussaka in a little restaurant. The old town up the hill is full of character and a walk up to the castle is a must. Parking for groceries in the new town is a bit chaotic so would avoid. 

Best place to park: 40.0766227,20.1430734 

2. Sierra Espuña in Spain

We really enjoyed the Sierra Espuña because it was the greenest place in Spain that we found. The trees were all cut down to build the armada but they have been replanted in the 19th century by Ricardo Codorníu, a local philanthropist who also got the nickname of the Tree Apostle. I have to say, the area is flourishing! Despite the lack of rain last winter. This place is great for hiking and biking with the best coffee at the monastery where you can sleep overnight. 

Best place to park (and can stay overnight): Sanctuary of Santa Eulalia de Merida.

3. Prevlaka Peninsula in Croatia

This is a great little communal spot, every time we have been here we have made new friends. There are many places to park and loads of old military building to explore. Prevlaka, meaning portage, came under the Austrian Empire rule in 1813 where they built a fort, which you can un-officially go in. Then Nazi Germany took over during WW2, you can still walk through the communication tunnels today! 

Best place to park and stay overnight: 42.4063171,18.5054017

4. Lefkada in Greece

Boat hire on Lefkada
Boat hire on Lefkada

Lefkada in Greece because of the stunning scenery. On this island you can hire mountain bikes, boats, hike down a gorge or go for a massage. We did all of the above and it is all within about 45 minute driving distance. 

Best place to park: Campsite Santa Maura 38.6722277,20.71082

5. Near Bosača in Montenegro

Near Bosača in Montenegro

Here was a great place to visit when exploring Durmitor National Park and the surrounding areas. There are lots of hiking and biking in this area and the park up spot is next to an abandoned ski lift, it’s pretty cool. It feature in our monthly travel video below.

Best place to park: 43.163311, 19.096261

6. Tarvisio in Italy

 A hike from near Tarvisio overlooking Triglav National Park.
A hike from near Tarvisio

Tarvisio in Italy because of the mountains. You will find that it is hard to park in the neighbouring Triglav National Park so why not head to the other side of the border where you are welcome and the locals are so friendly. There are cafes to relax in, mountains to climb and the best thing is that there are loads of cable cars to get you to up to the ridge line and so you can do the more interesting sections of the walk instead of getting tired zig zagging up the hill or following the ski tracks. 

Best place to park: 46.5037825,13.5773484

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