Road trip holiday in the UK 2023 ideas

There are so many places that you could visit for a road trip holiday in the UK from the tip of Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall to the depths of the Scottish Highlands. Here are some of my favourite locations.

A quick guide to the Isle of Mull in a Van

The Isle of Mull, home to the White Tailed Eagle, the second largest bird of prey in Britain and the second largest of the Inner Hebrides. We took the ferry from Oban to Craignure to see what it had in store for us.

The Evolution and Popularisation of The Wildlife Documentary

This essay, written as a university assignment in 2013, provides an account of how the wildlife documentary genre has changed over the years, why it has changed and what has made it popular.

Influence the Media has on the Publics Perception of Wildlife

Stereotypes are not only used for humans, but they are seen throughout the media in animals too. Name one film where the snake is good, or the shark saves someone.. This is an essay I wrote whilst studying Wildlife and Media a few years ago. Enjoy.