The benefits of camping

If I think about why I love camping, the answer is pretty simple. Camping means you are closer to nature, you experience the world in a totally different way. When you camp, you can feel the temperature drop, you know when it is about to rain, you get used to the wildlife that surrounds you and you notice every single change. It is only when you are continuously out in nature that you see first hand what is happening in our environment, no matter what landscape you are in, and it is not all good…

If everyone took time out to go camping, whether it is on a small site or in the ‘wild’ then I believe people would have a much better understanding of the natural world and therefore a desire to protect it. I think that DofE should be mandatory, and in times like these the government should be supporting outdoor centres around the country keeping them open. But instead the outdoor industry is providing no jobs and staff are being made redundant left, right and centre.

We need to help keep the youngsters of today connected to the world and what better way to do so than camping.


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