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I have a strong desire to reconnect children with nature, so where I can, I make it my mission to do this with my project Explore The Woods.

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Travel Blogs

Here is my collection of personal travel videos. Filmed all handheld and non professional, these are my own little way of documenting my trips!



UK Projects

Here is my collection of UK based projects that I have filmed with TV Presenter Julia Bradbury’s website The Outdoor Guide (TOG).

Lee Jeffrie’s Lost Angels Exhibition

Tree Planting with Julia, Woodland Trust and Premier Paper Group

National Trust Walks

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Exploring Switzerland


Around Chalet Martin, there are many walks that the surrounding area offers. The Swiss transport system is very efficient and will take you to the start of your hike or pick you up at the very end of the valley. 


Winter this year has and still is, a white wonderland. There have been many opportunities for everyone staying at the Chalet to Ski, Snowboard and carry out many other activities. From neighbouring village Barboleuse, and local town Villars there are tele-cabins taking you up to a variety of pistes.

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Exploring VanLife

Vanlife in New Zealand

For this trip myself and partner Mike are heading out to New Zealand for a six week ‘vanlife’ trip exploring both the north and south island.

Vanlife in Scotland and the Lakes

Mike and I headed to the Lake District on our way to Scotland, it was the perfect stop over point before we got to Glencoe and up to the Isle of Skye.