Camping in the forest

Robens Challenger 2 Person Tent

Camping doesn’t have to become a massive expedition. Camping in the forest, wherever you are needn’t take your whole weekend, if it does, great, but if you have a weekend scheduled of seeing family, drinks with friends there is still no excuse not to get a dose of nature in your system too. 

Camping in the Forest of Dean, Sherwood, the New Forest, or even your local woods are places which can enlighten the senses and help reset yourself. Nature is proven to help with your mental and physical health.  (Mind)

Robens Challenger 2 Person Tent Pet Friendly
Robens Challenger 2 Person Tent

There are different rules for camping in the woods in the UK, however as long as you leave no trace and are considerate (we never light fires either), then why not head out for a sneaky one night away. If you prefer to have facilities, there really are some amazing campsites in the UK. 

I really enjoy woodland camping because I get to feel the change in air temperature, the wind rustling the leaves and I know that then the birds stop singing it is probably either bed time or time for a day of hiking. Camping in the woodlands helps bring me back to nature no matter where I am, in the UK or in Europe.

I have realised that I like writing tent camping blogs because it gives me an excuse to not only spend more time outdoors, but to photograph and to get the tent out. There is no better feeling than making your nest all cosy. Actually, there is one better feeling, the feeling of being cosy in a warm sleeping bag, on a thick air bed whilst it is raining outside and you don’t have to get up. That is a pretty good feeling… 

Even when travelling Europe, I have the tent and full camping gear in the garage, so when the opportunity arises I can go out into the mountains, and now with our new rescue dog, Alba. 

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