Self-build Campervan Conversion insurance with EU Cover 

Self-build campervan conversion insurance

It is a minefield when looking for a decent camper conversion insurance in the UK, who cover everything you need for a self build campervan. So I have complied my research based on quotes for a campervan conversion of a Peugeot Boxer for 365 EU days, including EU breakdown cover, 2 self employed people, fully comp and not work related. All information for a self build campervan insurance comparison is correct as of 14th June 2022. Of course everyone’s experience and quotes will be different, but I just thought this list may be helpful for some.

self-build campervan conversion insurance
self-build campervan conversion insurance

Stuart Collins & Co. (van conversion insurance cost: £716 plus EU Breakdown £190)

They offer no time limit abroad which is fab, the countries they cover which are not the ‘usual’ EU countries include: Hungary, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Hertz, Macedonia, Montenegro. The issue we had here is that the breakdown cover is another £190, but this does not include vehicles over 5.5m.


Straight up no to insure us. Didn’t state why but pointed me to the British Insurers Brokers Association (BIBA) for help.


They won’t insure us as the van is not registered with the DVLA as a van with windows or a motor caravan on the logbook. 

Camping and Caravanning Club Insurance (£890)

Only offer 90 days EU cover with only 60 days per trip. EU Breakdown cover was an extra £82.

LV (£631)

They offer 180 day EU cover and you can add Albania and Turkey on for extra. Their policy however does not include Bosnia, Macedonia and Montenegro. They offer Breakdown cover for £24.62.

Brentacre (£540)

They cover for 365 days in EU however they do not cover Albania, Turkey, Bosnia and Montenegro. 

Sterling (£1,937 Gold)

Includes Turkey, Croatia, Bosnia and Bulgaria. 365 days cover.  Just expensive.

Devitts (acting for The Caravan and Motorhome Club)

They never got back to me.


Have had a really good experience with them in the past and would insure with them again, however they only cover for up to 180 days.

Adrian Flux (£698)

270 day EU cover, 365 EU breakdown cover for all the countries needed except Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia. We went with these guys. I need to double check the cover in Turkey. 


This is just my experience of course, when you enquire the costs will be different so please just use this as information, not a 100% guide. It really pays to spend time talking to each individual company on the phone. I found that Brentacre and Andrian Flux were both really helpful. Best of luck! 

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