Best apps for van life

Hiking in Bosnia

I have compiled a list of the best vanlife apps for Europe which we use on a day-to-day basis. They include overnight parking apps and where to find the best free camping spots. (No affiliates here, just pure useful content). There are of course many more, however this list is for day-to-day usage.

Vanlife in Spain, Monserrat

First on the list is one that helps find cool and quirky van life locations, CamperGuru.

We have found that Google Translate is the most useful translating app.

XE Money converter is the best currency converter we have used which is really helpful in Croatia, Bosnia and Albania where they don’t use the Euro.

Then of course there is the Park4Night app which everyone uses. It is great as it also tells you information like where the nearest tap is.

Then you get to the best free hiking apps with offline maps. These are hiking apps for android and the ones we think are the best hiking apps for 2022, in Europe:

Outdoor Active – is our favourite. It can track you offline once loaded, but in some more remote locations you have to take the footpaths with a pinch of salt, as we found out in Bosnia! They have a lot of community led routes which is one of the reasons why we use this.

All Trails – has a great amount of European hikes added by the community. We have found that All Trails loads slightly slower than Outdoor Active.

Maps.Me – shows all the footpaths and extra detail without any community created routes. You can download each country as you go.

Hiking in Italy
Hiking in Italy

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