Robens Ambassador

If I could sum myself up in a few words, I would like to think it involved the words ‘walking, filming and drinking tea’. These are a few of my passions (yes, I do enjoy tea that much…) However they delve much further than just those three things, I am passionate about connecting children with nature, I am passionate about spending time out in the woods and feeling the temperate drop before the rain comes, or the owls calling in the night to their neighbour. There are no other feelings like them. 

I have been hiking and camping since I could walk, maybe even before. My parents would take me up to the Lake District, one of my favourite places to visit, where I later studied a BA in Wildlife and Media at the University of Cumbria. So I guess it is understandable why I enjoy being out in the fells so much now. 

Walking is my passion, you can’t beat being out for the day walking amongst the hills, barrows, tarns and woodlands, actually, you can beat that, you could be out for the day and night! Wild camping is also something that I enjoy. I guess that is what led me to help develop Julia Bradbury’s online website The Outdoor Guide. I have made some great friends and been introduced to some wonderful brands; one of my favourite has to be Robens.

Robens is part of the Oase Outdoors family-run Danish company that designs camping gear for people who love real adventure. It was created over 45 years ago and they continue to provide high quality gear that looks great and can put up with demanding use. 

I’ve been to the Roben’s HQ (video below) a couple of times now and the whole team are actual outdoorsy people who go camping and hiking in all weathers and seasons, so they know what to look for when designing outdoor gear. 

I am proud to announce that I am a Robens Ambassador, this stems from a relationship which has blossomed from our shared love of the outdoors. This is not a paid partnership, the gear has been gifted and all my views are honest. As much as I would like to share some great wild camping videos with fantastic backdrops, Coronavirus lockdown has kept me in the garden. So I will be sharing some ‘Garden Camping’ videos over the next few months.

Up first, you can see me pitching Roben’s Challenger 2, followed by a 5 minute yoga session: 

For 2021 the showroom was held in the UK so the 2021 range of gear video can be seen here:

Please follow myself and Robens on instagram to keep up to date with competitions, news and videos. If you have any questions please shout!

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