Chesnut and Daphne Book pre-order now available

Pre-order your copy of Chesnut and Daphne children’s book.

Synopsis: Follow a day in the life of ‘Chesnut’ the Suffolk Punch horse and his best friend ‘Daphne’ the Land Girl as they deliver milk to the local villages towards the end of World War Two.

Chesnut and Daphne by Holly Brega and John Thurman

Pre-orders now available. Delivery will be after the official launch on the 14th May 2022. All orders before this date will be posted on Monday 16th May 2022.

Additional Information:

Aim:  Our aim for this historical, poetry, picture book is to combine raising awareness of the Suffolk Punch horse breed which is category red on the Rare Breeds list alongside the stories from women who worked during the Second World War in an easy to digest, fun and accessible manner for children under the age of eight.

About The Author:

Holly has created a documentary, aimed at adults about the Women’s Land Army and the history of the Suffolk Punch Horse and it is clear that the future of these two important subjects is being lost. It is therefore paramount to share tales with the next generation to create that spark and keep these stories alive. Find out more about the documentary here.

About the Illustrator:

Commercial Illustrator, John Thurman has a passion for WW2, in particular Dad’s Army re-enactment and shares Holly’s vision to spread awareness of the Women’s Land Army and the Suffolk Punch horse to a younger generation. His expertise and knowledge has been invaluable during the process of creating this children’s book.

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