Robens Trace Hammock at the Wilderness Gathering

Just a little note: I pitched this slightly differently than how Robens recommend. See their video here.

So in this video I test out the Robens Trace Hammock from the 2022 range, whilst at the Wilderness Gathering, a bushcraft festival in Wiltshire based at the Bush Farm Bison Centre! It is a festival for those who love spending time in the nature, creating magical things out of wood, for people who love knifes (and meat), but ultimately it is somewhere for people to go, sit by a campfire and exchange stories.

I think this hammock set is a really nifty set up and is more than just your average hammock. It has a whole range of extra little clips, zips and straps which, okay, might be a little more fiddle-y, but worth it when you are comfortable and cosy in the woods with the owls singing softly around you.

These products were gifted from Robens for me to test out in a variety of situations. To find out more about the featured items check out the links below. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

Trace Hammock Set – a neat hammock that comes with slings and carabiners.

Available here. £40.99

Trace Hammock Underquilt – if camping with the car then this is a great extra layer for woodland nights out.

Available here: £55.00

Trace Hammock Mosquito Net – no one wants to get bitten at night and this net is specifically designed for hammocks.

Available here. £25.99

Icefall Pro 600 Sleeping Bag – a great non-down sleeping bag.

Available here. £154.99

Trace Hammock Ultimate Set

Bonus Item: Trace Ultimate Hammock Set – this is a great all in one bundle for all your hammock needs! It comes with a hammock with integrated mosquito net, a tarp, slings and carabiners.

Available here. £100.00

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