Family and the outdoors

brega family

You are never alone.

Family is a word which derives from the latin familia, meaning servant, to serve. I am lucky enough to have a big family and we have been together during lockdown, including our four legged family members. We look after each other, make sure each member of the familia is safe. Which made me think about those during this last year who are alone.

Loneliness can make your body feel cold, it can suppress your immune system putting you more at risk of disease. However, I found that the great outdoors can help combat it, Doctors are prescribing time in green spaces, it can improve mental and physical health. I always feel more proactive after going for a walk, hugging a tree and just sitting in the local woodlands listening to the sounds of the woodpeckers, robins and great tits as they sing above my head.

Even if you can’t be together with all family members, for whatever reason, know that they are there with you in mind, spirit and soul.

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