A short visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina in our campervan

Blidinje Nature Park
Hiking in Blidinje Nature Park, friendly locals and a ‘your van will not restart message’.

We decided to head into Bosnia for a few days and so we did that by entering at Gornji Vinjani, below Split, and we got ourselves a sim card at Digitrend in Posušje which had 4gb, for about €3. He tried to explain how to top it up but I didn’t quite understand so we just were careful with our usage. We had downloaded the maps before we went so didn’t need it too much. 

Blidinje Nature Park
Blidinje Nature Park

We hiked in the Blidinje Nature Park and stayed at this beautiful lakeside park up which does have some no camping signs, but there were loads of locals camping that weekend too so we thought it would be fine, and it was. The route we hiked was this route from Outdoor Active.

Hiking up Vran, Blidinje Nature Park
Hiking up Vran, Blidinje Nature Park

From here we headed north and stopped off at Jajce and Krupa Falls, a mini waterfall river where they use the falls for grinding corn and grain. We had a beer at the restaurant at the foot of the falls but Alba was in heat and the stray dogs were showing a bit too much interest, so we decided to go for a walk. En route, we met a lovely couple on our walk and they invited us in for a drink, with limited language on both sides we had a really enjoyable evening! 

We then went to Una National Park, the entrance fee was a couple of euros each. You aren’t allowed to stay inside the park overnight. The parking in the whole area for staying overnight was a bit tricky. Don’t get me wrong there were some campsites available, but the temperature was getting 30c + and we needed shade! None of those sites could offer us shade, so we decided to head back into Croatia. Another reason we went back into Croatia was because we had a message come on the dashboard ‘vehicle will not restart in 300km’! The N0X sensor needed replacing, so we wanted to be in Croatia for that for insurance reasons! So we left at the Granični prijelaz Izačić border on the M5 with no issues or queues. 

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