Mould in my campervan conversion!

Converting the Van

A subject which many self builders may face, or have faced. Not the most prettiest of things to talk about but necessary. So, the main questions are why does my campervan conversion have mould under my mattress and how do I get rid of it. Read below to find out!

First, where has the mould come from?

When we sleep we perspire (the average person loses around 2lb of moisture during the night) and although most of this perspiration condenses on windows in the cabin, some of this moisture travels through the mattress and condenses onto the wooden or fibreglass base below. As there is no air flow under the mattress, the moisture is trapped there which causes damp and musty smells to form as well as mould and bacteria to grow. This causes the bed to become un-fresh and unhygienic which devalues your investment!

How do I get rid of it?

First we sprayed the slats and the mattress with anti bac which removed the mould. Then lifted the mattress and put the heater on high to dry the whole thing out. Once this was dry we did some research and brought this Dry Mat mesh which seemed to have good reviews.

Dry Mat is a 10mm layer of mini springs which apparently doesn’t compress under pressure. It claimed that it prevents condensation and helps keep things fresh and hygienic! It’s marketed at being used on boats but I don’t see why it can’t be used in our campervan.

So far we have had the Dry Mat in the van for 3 weeks now and it is still in great condition. I hope that has helped, or will be useful to you in your future van build.

You can buy a Dry-Mat here

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(This blog includes an affiliate link to the product we brought).


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