Explore the Woods Documentary Film

Explore the Woods is a project I created in University where I created a short length documentary film about the importance of direct exposure children have with nature. It aimed to find out the attitudes children have towards nature, what they actually think nature is and what can be done to encourage more children to get outside and explore.

It shows how important an adult’s influence is in the process of creating the first spark that makes a child leave their computer and put on their wellies.  It is this preliminary movement that will increase the child’s first hand experiences and be the beginning of many adventures. Please watch in HD.

The children are the key members of the future world and without them the research for this documentary will not have been achievable. The documentary will show the variety of relationships children have with nature, from a very distant relationship, to a child who only comes inside at the weekend once the sunsets, (that’s how I remember my childhood).

“Crowded classrooms… are a tragic waste of our greatest national resource – the minds of our children.” – Walt Disney.

The film shows many activities in which children enjoy the natural world. Including tree identification, whether they recognise any tracks, and flora ID. By understanding the amount of knowledge a child has about the surrounding natural world is important because it allows them to then share their knowledge and help preserve it for the forthcoming generations. It also provides a basis to show where adults can improve with their teachings. The film also shows children enjoying nature in many more direct ways. Enjoy.

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Children and Nature Film

Here I have created a short clip, from the summer of 2012 in Suffolk. It is proven that nature enhances all five of a child’s senses, they just learn so much from what nature has to offer, and I hope this gives an insight to this.

It is important that a child explores because it is what shapes them into their future lives. If they experience direct contact with nature as a child they are more likely to be interested in it as an adult and therefore have the need to protect and conserve it in the future. As well as tell future generations about their adventures as a child!

Where would we be today if we couldn’t share our stories of getting stuck in the mud or the dam we built in the local stream, or a good one from my mother is how she and my god-father used to sail their Guinea-pigs in lunch boxes down the stream to see who would win down the other end. A standard weekend.

Today, as we all know there is a stronger link between children and the technological world. An issue that I won’t focus on because it is occurring and there is nothing that can be done, but instead we can focus on what the natural world provides and how we can keep it in a child’s life.

Thank for watching and I’d love to hear your childhood stories. Please watch in HD.


Cotswold Outdoor Photograph Exhibition Article

The last few weeks I have been working on setting up 5 chosen photographs for the Cotswold Outdoor retail shop in Carlisle, Cumbria.  Five University of Cumbria students have been chosen to hang their artwork upon the walls within the shop, where hundreds of people visit daily. Student photographers, including myself have all put together a blurb about themselves and the chosen photograph for customers to browse to help break up the pre-christmas shop. Here you will find all the photographs exhibited. 

Group Photographs
Group Photographs

Holly Brega - Mirror Lake
Holly Brega – Mirror Lake

This one I took in the South Island of New Zealand, early morning at Lake Matheson, looking over the stunning mountain range between the East and West Coast. 

Ashley Howe - Waxwing
Ashley Howe – Waxwing

Ashley Howe took this photograph of the waxwing feeding on Rose Hips in his back garden. 

Teale Ashton - Christmas Common
Teale Ashton – Christmas Common

Teale Ashton took this photograph in Christmas Common in Oxfordshire. It shows the loving relationship not only between mother and daughter but also showing a key link with the environment. 

Daniel Sencier - Abbey
Daniel Sencier – Abbey

Daniel Sencier took this photograph at Buckfast Abbey in Devon.

Paul Mitchell - Brittany
Paul Mitchell – Brittany

Paul Mitchell was in Brittany when this image was captured.

Thank you for viewing.


West Coast Wildlife Film

This short film shows our expedition to Wales. We went exploring in the wind and rain (and the little sun we had) along the coastline to see what flora and fauna we could find in April. In fact, we found that all the fauna had decided to take shelter as the weather was so bad that one day we woke to find out tent covered in snow!

There were beautiful days had along the hidden bays and hills that we found and did have an enjoyable time, especially watching the sun set over the horizon in the car are Newgale! (The film ending doesn’t actually show where the sun really sets! I think Teale was correct though!!)



Gambia – The Outtakes Film


Here is a video that was created to show the adventures I went on in The Gambia, West Africa. It was an amazing trip that conservation and photography students went on together to research and experience a country with a different culture and wildlife, testing out our newly formed photographical skills and to enhance our social skills too. Please watch in HD. This is very much a social film instead of educational.

I  also film a Baobab Documentary whilst there that is available here.. https://hollybrega.wordpress.com/2012/06/17/the-baobab-tree/



The Baobab Tree Film

I travelled with photography and conservation students to The Gambia, West Africa to learn about what the local perspective and history is about the Baobab Tree. This 2 week trip took me to many areas around the Country and I met many people and as this film shows, we get to see the story of the tree from Mamadou. 

Please watch in HD. Enjoy.


The Freedom to Run Film

This is  short portrait film made about the freedom of running. I will say a few things about it first.. 

– Some of the shots are too long, I did this because I needed a few extra seconds because Class viewing required 4 minutes.

– The timing between the text should be shorter.

– This is my first attempt using the GoPro Hero 2, Sony HDV and Final Cut Pro 7.

– All constructive feedback is welcome. Thanks for watching.