Mammut Insulated Jacket Review


I thought my life was complete… I have a great job, amazing boyfriend, motivating family, I was happy. Then this bright florescent green Mammut jacket came into my life. I have to say I have never been warmer!

Even though it is an insulated jacket, it still can pack down pretty small and is really light weight. I wear it as an every day jacket too, and it has lasted years. It doesn’t bead how it used to but it also doesn’t leak.  I have to say, the pockets are great with cold fingers because the zips close downwards, so once your hands are full with sweets, in one quick swipe the pocket is closed, instead of faffing with two hands and dropping all those bombs of energy.

This synthetic jacket has explored Wales, been to the Alps in Switzerland, and on adventures in the Lakes. I don’t go anywhere without it. I am not a warm person, so being able to throw this on, and with it’s waterproofness, it hits all the right spots. Then if I do get too warm I can open my pit vents! So would buy this jacket again? Yes I would, and in green? Well that is my colour!

Salomon XA Pro Review

These are my second pair of Salomons, the first I wore down on the fells in the Lake District. Is there such thing as too much running? In this case apparently so! As time went on and the ice started to appear I had to replace my bright green shoes with another pair, of green shoes. Apparently green is my colour… I have worn these out running and hiking, mainly in the Chilterns, so nothing too strenuous! They are by far the comfiest trail shoe I have worn.

They have good grip, I wear them as general everyday shoes and it hasn’t worn down at all, so much better than my previous Speedcross 3. They are lightweight and quick drying so everything you are looking for in a shoe. These are not the Gortex version as I brought them as my summer trainers. Not to say a pair of Gortex Salomon’s wouldn’t hurt! Their next adventure we will be leaving the Chilterns and heading to … The Lake District.

Buff Review

Everyone loves a good Buff, and for me, this is the item that I always have in my rucksack. But for those who have never heard of a Buff before, it is a lightweight neck scarf for travel and outdoor activities. It can be used as a headscarf too, in fact, there are so many ways you can wear your Buff, it is their usp if you like.

The great thing about this product is that they not only come in amazing colours and designs but they can easily be squashed, I mean, packed into your bag. Then come, rain, sun or snow just pop it out and work out one of the many ways to wear it! They also do a knitted version that is amazing in the depths of winter. I have it below in Margo Orange.




Additional Camera

I was lucky enough to be part of the great ITV walking programme that is Best Walks With A View, with Julia Bradbury.

It was an amazing experience to be part of a team, walking the length and breadth of the country. Below is the trailer for the series, of which, many of my shots are included.

Secondly, I was involved in Julia’s next walking series, Britain’s Best Walks. The trailer for that can be seen below.

I continue to work with Julia and The Outdoor Guide on many online projects. All of which can be seen on the Youtube channel here: