Mammut Insulated Jacket Review


I thought my life was complete… I have a great job, amazing boyfriend, motivating family, I was happy. Then this bright florescent green Mammut jacket came into my life. I have to say I have never been warmer!

Even though it is an insulated jacket, it still can pack down pretty small and is really light weight. I wear it as an every day jacket too, and it has lasted years. It doesn’t bead how it used to but it also doesn’t leak.  I have to say, the pockets are great with cold fingers because the zips close downwards, so once your hands are full with sweets, in one quick swipe the pocket is closed, instead of faffing with two hands and dropping all those bombs of energy.

This synthetic jacket has explored Wales, been to the Alps in Switzerland, and on adventures in the Lakes. I don’t go anywhere without it. I am not a warm person, so being able to throw this on, and with it’s waterproofness, it hits all the right spots. Then if I do get too warm I can open my pit vents! So would buy this jacket again? Yes I would, and in green? Well that is my colour!


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