The Norfolk Coast Article

A trip to the Norfolk coastline will never let you down, whether the sun is shining or the thick ominous clouds are present, it always seems beautiful. A lot of this coastline is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and there are various Special Protection Areas and Special Areas of Conservation that pass through andContinue reading “The Norfolk Coast Article”

The Suffolk Countryside Article

Constable country is definitely one to visit when exploring the countryside in England. Suffolk is a county that I have known all my life and it never ceases to amaze me. Harvest is an important time of year in all of England, but especially in Suffolk. The nutrient rich soil provides a perfect base forContinue reading “The Suffolk Countryside Article”

90 seconds Promotional Commonwealth Walkways Film

Here is a 90 second promotional film made for the Outdoor Trust, now the Commonwealth Trust. The Walkways start and finish at the most important landmark of a town or city.  This film shows the different steps in producing and inspiring Commonwealth Walkways around the world including exploring and mapping out the city of Glasgow.Continue reading “90 seconds Promotional Commonwealth Walkways Film”

Explore the Woods Documentary Film

Explore the Woods is a project I created in University where I created a short length documentary film about the importance of direct exposure children have with nature. It aimed to find out the attitudes children have towards nature, what they actually think nature is and what can be done to encourage more children to getContinue reading “Explore the Woods Documentary Film”

Children and Nature Film

Here I have created a short clip, from the summer of 2012 in Suffolk. It is proven that nature enhances all five of a child’s senses, they just learn so much from what nature has to offer, and I hope this gives an insight to this. It is important that a child explores because itContinue reading “Children and Nature Film”

Cotswold Outdoor Photograph Exhibition Article

The last few weeks I have been working on setting up 5 chosen photographs for the Cotswold Outdoor retail shop in Carlisle, Cumbria.  Five University of Cumbria students have been chosen to hang their artwork upon the walls within the shop, where hundreds of people visit daily. Student photographers, including myself have all put together aContinue reading “Cotswold Outdoor Photograph Exhibition Article”

The Freedom to Run Film

This is  short portrait film made about the freedom of running. I will say a few things about it first..  – Some of the shots are too long, I did this because I needed a few extra seconds because Class viewing required 4 minutes. – The timing between the text should be shorter. – ThisContinue reading “The Freedom to Run Film”