Children and Nature Film

Here I have created a short clip, from the summer of 2012 in Suffolk. It is proven that nature enhances all five of a child’s senses, they just learn so much from what nature has to offer, and I hope this gives an insight to this.

It is important that a child explores because it is what shapes them into their future lives. If they experience direct contact with nature as a child they are more likely to be interested in it as an adult and therefore have the need to protect and conserve it in the future. As well as tell future generations about their adventures as a child!

Where would we be today if we couldn’t share our stories of getting stuck in the mud or the dam we built in the local stream, or a good one from my mother is how she and my god-father used to sail their Guinea-pigs in lunch boxes down the stream to see who would win down the other end. A standard weekend.

Today, as we all know there is a stronger link between children and the technological world. An issue that I won’t focus on because it is occurring and there is nothing that can be done, but instead we can focus on what the natural world provides and how we can keep it in a child’s life.

Thank for watching and I’d love to hear your childhood stories. Please watch in HD.


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