Image, Instinct and Imagination: Landscape as Sign Language Film

Image, Instinct and Imagination: Landscape as Sign Language

The exhibition, unveiled by Julia Bradbury answers the question Professor Appleton poses at the start of his book: ‘What do we like about landscape and why do we like it?’

Simon Warner’s landscape photography allows visitors to try out their newly acquired skills of landscape interpretation.

Here is a short film about the exhibition held at Royal Geographical Society  where geographer Jay Appleton and photographer Simon Warner join forces to explore Jay Appleton’s Prospect-Refuge Theory of landscape appreciation.

First published in his book The Experience of Landscape where aesthetic taste in landscape and landscape art is shown to derive from primitive, hunter-gatherer instincts for viewpoints (Prospect) and shelter or concealment (Refuge).

1st April 2014.


please watch in HD. Enjoy.


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