Why I love New Zealand

the mountains
the wildlife

the trees
the sky

take a moment

Take a moment and think about some of your best memories. Chances are they are action or views, not necessarily words.

For me, New Zealand has many memories. I love hiking the trails in Arthur’s Pass where Avalanche Peak sits shadowing over the valley below watching you drive from East to West coast. I love the mountains in New Zealand, the volcanoes and all their stories.

Poor old Mount Taranaki who was banished to the coast.

I love the wildlife, the flora and fauna which fills every nook and cranny. Wherever you look there are wild flowers or domesticated flowers home to wild insects and then there are the trees. Oh the trees of New Zealand, especially the Kauri tree (Agathis australis) reaching 50 meters high gaining its nourishment from the leaf litter close to the surface.

Then there is the sky.

The sky which I can stand and look at for hours on end. Whether it’s the cirrus clouds whispering over the lakes or the cumulonimbus clouds forming around the mountains. Even at night, on a clear sky, watching the stars overlook the planet whilst we sleep.

I love it all and I wish the country a safe recovery from current situations.

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