Camping in the snow

1am, the field

It’s meant to be -3 overnight so I thought why not camp out. The warm, cosy van is just around the corner, but now is the perfect opportunity to test out some kit, before heading to the Alps (once restrictions have lifted).

This kit is suitable for a wild camp backpack adventure.

I have chosen some of the lightest kit including the single person River Elk tent which was really smooth to put up. I love this style of tent where the inner and outer go up in one. Makes something which could be a faff, easy. As the temperature dropped I was in my base layers in a Serac 600 sleeping bag. I was very comfortable, as the comfort level for this bag is -7, for women.

The sleep mat, weighing 485g has a diamond pattern which I haven’t tried before. I found that this mat would be great in the summer, however I sleep on my side and I did feel my hip slide into the channels overnight so could feel the cold. Even though this mat might not be the best style for me, I would say for a summer walk for someone without the pointy hips this mat would be a great lightweight addition.

I haven’t cooked here as I am adhering to lockdown measures and camping at home.

So even though we are hunkering down at home, we can all still have some mini adventures without having to travel. I am just working out what is next – watch this space!

to conclude,

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