Nuts About Mylk ? Article

Almond Nut Mylk

I lazily walked down into the kitchen today to make a cup of lovely English tea, not only to find out that I have ran out of tea bags (big dilemma!), but I did find Andy working away with his scales and nuts creating a variety of concoctions for his new company, Nuts about Mylk. He has engaged Gemma into the process too as she was busily working away creating a logo. 

Gemma designing the logo
Gemma designing the logo

I have never tried pure nut milk before and actually I didn’t know what to expect. I watched how it was prepared, I have never seen so much precision in a kitchen, then again my cooking doesn’t involve scales and measurements.. 

Happy baby and Andy
Andy looking after baby whilst mum designs logo at Chalet Martin

The final bottled products were made from a selection of almonds and cashew nuts with cinnamon and vanilla added to the mix. 

Nuts About Mylk Photoshoot
Nuts About Mylk Photoshoot

We were then all due to test it, there were a variety of words that floated about and they were along the lines of full, flavoursome, light, organic, and once tried the cinnamon one warm the best quote was “ohhh yeaaaa, that’s christmas in a glass.”

Nut Mylk Ready to Test
Nut Mylk Ready to Test

They are all so light you could drink the whole bottle! I think my favourite was the chocolate one, it was the sweeter of the three. However, I am waiting for the Hazelnut and Vanilla Mylk to be created as I feel that will be my favourite. 

Nuts about Mylk Logo
Nuts about Mylk Logo




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